GRAFT - Tor 149

Architecture. Conceived by Graft.


A new apartment building is being developed in Berlin-Mitte. Boldly designed. Innovative. And elegant. Built by the award-winning Graft architecture office. An avant-garde building sculpture in the heart of Berlin between bourgeois generosity and modern transparency. An object that allows you to live in an extraordinary building – and makes the borders between the art of construction and design disappear. In short: architecture, newly conceived. Ready for occupancy in December 2012.

Interior Breakdown

Basement / GF:
shop area (169,8 m²)
1st upper floor:
split-level apartment (160,3 m²)
split-level apartment (160,5 m²)
2nd upper floor:
apartment (106,0 m²)
apartment (106,8 m²)
3rd upper floor:
apartment (105,7 m²)
apartment (106,5 m²)
4th upper floor:
split-level apartment (148,6 m²)
split-level apartment (149,6 m²)
5th upper floor:
Penthouse (177,8 m²)
Future. Inspired by the past.


A trapezoid plot. And the desire to accept the challenges of the place: With Tor 149, the architects have quoted the design vocabulary of the Gründerzeit in Berlin – and have transferred it to the 21st century. The shimmering aluminium exterior façade defines the character. Its crystal- line appearing surface reflects the sky over the city – and it changes its appearance depending on the incidence of light. The building thus constitutes an extraordinary visual highlight.

The façade

The façade of Tor 149 features a bright matt metal-coloured hue. A special effect appears when you walk by the building. For a moment it seems as if the building is rotating and then turns away. This effect is achieved by faceted façade elements which capture the light in different ways.

Innovation. More than just contemporary.


Space for yourself. Ceiling heights of up to 3.8 meters, spacious terraces and south-facing windows with year-round exposure to the sun. The light-flooded apartments of Tor 149 convey the spirit of the times and elegance. With innovative floor plans. Carefully selected materials. And design elements that show stylistic confidence. The lobby is an experience in itself. Immersed in golden light, you enter architecture in its purest form – and leave the hustle of the city behind.

Building facilities

  • Faceted aluminum facade for Torstraße
  • Exceptional Lobby
  • Supporting solar thermal system
  • Large windows in aluminum elements
  • Underground parking on request
  • Charging station for electric vehicles
  • Luxuriously styled courtyard with stone bands; Fields at different heights with raised beds

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Wolfram Putz

Bliss. That you can live.

Apartment types

Three different apartment types – for individual requirements of accommodation: modern split- level maisonette-style apartments will be built on the first and fourth upper floor – with five rooms each, extending across three levels and about 149 to 160 square meters. Almost classical com- pared to this are the four apartments on the second and third upper floor: on about 106 square meters, they not only offer ceiling heights of up to 3.2 meters, but also large-size windows. The fifth floor penthouse resides high above the rest with about 178 square meters, an elevator reaching directly into the apartment – and a spacious roof terrace: here you can re-experience architecture every day.

Apartment facilities

  • Heated floors in the living room
  • Oak flooring, white oiled
  • Fireplace in graft design
  • Troweled walls
  • Ceiling heights up to 3.80m, Interior doors 2.26 m
  • Bathroom in graft design with differently shaped surfaces
  • Kitchen in graft design as an individual custom solution
  • Two balconies
  • Living room ventilation system with heat recovery
Ideal dimensions. Which make every apartment unique.


The sensational design of the building is continued on the inside – from the staircase to the fireplaces. Many details have been provided with design elements typical for Graft. Characteristic for the design concept are flowing shapes that merge into each other and which are inspired by the crystalline structure of the exterior façade. Beyond this, the architects will also individually design the interior of the apartments upon request from the tenants. This way, each room becomes unique.

Design Plus

The fireplaces and the bathrooms of the apartments are designed in the typical Graft-style. Those who want even more customized interior solutions may order them directly from the architects. The CITY-CONCEPT-Team is gladly at your disposal for further information.

Thomas Willemeit

Visionaries. On the quest for the new.


Graft is among the best known architecture offices of the younger generation. The architects have been honoured with numerous awards. Among them the Red Dot Design Award, the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany and the American Architecture Awards. Since the foundation in the year 1999, the partners Gregor Hoheisel, Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz and Thomas Willemeit have realized a large number of international projects – for instance in Dubai, Beijing or Los Angeles. With Tor 149, they build their first apartment building in Berlin.

The name "Graft":

When choosing the name, the architects were inspired by the word "grafting" – a term taken from botany. "Grafting" means inserting a shoot into a genetically different host plant. The positive characteristics of the two different plants are thus combined into a new hybrid.

Graft. Award-winning architects.


  • European Prize for Architecture 2011
  • Central Asia & Turkey Hotel Investment and Development Awards (CATHIC Awards), category Best New Hotel CATHIC Regions: Winner Hotel Iveria
  • Radisson Blue, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Interior Innovation Award – Drift, Interprofil Lounge
  • Contract Magazine: Designer of the Year
  • Gold Key Award, Restaurants – Casual Dinig, winner: City Center’s Aria Pool Deck, Restaurant and Bar
  • Red Dot Design Award, Platoon Kunsthalle
  • 2010 Annual International Design Achievement Award-CIDF
  • Boulevard der Stars, Berlin, Competition, 1st place
  • Columbiaquartier, Berlin, Competition, 2nd place
  • Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, Nominee: Pink Project

Wolfram Putz

Trends. Which are developing where you live.

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Modern, urban – and cosmopolitan. With interesting restaurants, shops and galleries. The Torstrasse is the main artery of Berlin Mitte: The famous Gallery Mile around the Auguststrasse is right at the doorstep. The Hackesche Markt, the Friedrichstraße and the Museumsinsel are only a few minutes away. In the last years, the Torstrasse has evolved into a magnet for Berlins creative side. Architects and Artists, fashion designers and film makers have their studios and offices here.

Walking distances

  • Closest subway station: three minutes
    (U 8, Rosenthaler Platz)
  • Closest supermarket: four minutes
    (Rewe, Ackerstr. 23-26, 10115 Berlin)
  • Closest school: seven minutes
    (John-Lennon-Gymnasium, Zehdenicker Str. 17-18, 10119 Berlin)
  • Closest late-night store: three minutes
    (Kauf Markt, Torstr. 169, 10115 Berlin)
Berlin Mitte. Cosmopolitan and vibrant.


Be it the Grill Royal, Bandol sur Mer or Luigi Zuckermann, or Bar Tausend, Amano Bar or Greenwich, or The Barn, Barcomi‘s or Galão, or the APC, No.74 or Firmament, or Kunstwerke, Neues Museum or C/O Berlin, or Eigen + Art, Sprüth Magers or Contemporary Fine Arts: in Berlin-Mitte you can find the best restaurants, bars, cafes, museums, shops and galleries in town. Inspiration. Within walking distance.

Thomas Willemeit

Floor Plans

Wolfram Putz





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